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#2 to #11 Winners

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Shcaa's Spicy Remix
Captain Planet Remix
Captain Planet
AfroQbano afrodub Remix
Truculent Remix
Suonho Recooked Remix
WEPLAYDEEP aka n.i.s.
The Rythm Remix
Lil M aka The RythM
Kike Wolf Remix
Kike Wolf
Djoyvan Remix
Arkitecto Remix

Name: Shcaa
Country: FRANCE
Who he is: he produces some kind of deep house and organic, using a lot of field recordings and samples,  as well as singing and playing various instruments. He also contributes to several podcast (Pleazcast, 5050world..) and signed in Chic Marionnette Records.
About his remix: "I simply tried to exploit as much as possible the samples given (especially the bass) then I added few samples related to the same atmosphere (voices and congas) and I tried to find the balance between the original and my style while adding some colors to the vibe."

Name: Captain Planet
Country: USA
Who he is: DJ / producer / artist from Brooklyn NY, currently residing in Los Angeles. He has got a new EP out right now on Bastard Jazz Records (ft. Fredy Massamba) and a full-length album called "Cookin' Gumbo" coming out in September so stay tuned...

Name: AfroQbano
Country: CUBA/USA
Who he is: premiere Cuban Hip Hop DJ and producer. He hails from Habana and has worked as a regular DJ for many of the major Habana clubs.  He has produced and toured with some of the most well-known artists and ensembles in Cuba including Ogguere, Anonimo Consejo, Obsesion, etc.Since he moved to the United States he has continued to expand his style and his musical influences.

Who he is: rythm lover and image explorer. That is KONTRA. His inspiration? The colors of the street and his people's sounds. His compositions? A barrage of authenticiy. His work fellas? The ones who like to go beyond.
About his remix: "Revolución del Cuerpo (KONTRA! Original Remix) is an exploration between hip-hop and funk sounds led by the authenticity of the timba cubana on service of the original voices in the disc."

Country: UK
Who he is: since 2009, Truculent has become a prominent figure in Birmingham's current techno scene.  Originally hailing from Swindon, he has pushed a dark electro sound that has swept across the UK, encompassing clubbers and festival-goes alike.

Name: suonho
Country: ITALY
Who he is: producer, DJ, cultural activist, knob twiddler..born in 1974. Deep music lover, he is currently producing original tunes with many collaborations from all around the world.He notably won the DJ Shadow Remix Project.
About his remix: "If this remix were a picture, it could be the image of tasty contemporary recipe! ...the sequencer like a nomad kitchen.Infact my rework inglobes ingredients of cuban music, brazilian bossanova and murga, dub, jazz, funk, electro and even techno.For the rhythm section i felt inspired by the timeless tune "See Line Woman" by the immense Nina Simone, but the beat got its own soundstyle personality pretty soon. Wanted to achieve something good for the modern global-dancefloors but also enjoyable out the club environment.I'm really satisfied with the result, and the soundcloud feedback is very good too! That's very encouraging!"

Name: n.i.s
Country: GERMANY
Who he is: (nis) aka weplaydeep aka n.i.s was born in Germany in the 80's. Dj/serato for about 8 years, he has been making music for about three years (not professionally) just for fun …

Name: Lil M
Country: GERMANY
Who he is: Lil M (new name: ``The RythM``)producer from Cologne.Now twenty years old, music is a very big thing in his life since he started 14 years ago.He produces music in all directions, R&B, Hiphop, Soul, Electro, House, Dubstep, Classic, etc.

Name: Kike Wolf
Country: CUBA
Who he is: one of the founders of acid techno in Cuba. He participated in the soundtrack of the movie "Dance Floor Knights" in Germany. In 2007 he joined the group of Artistas Sonoros linked to the Laboratorio Nacional de Música Electroacústica.

Name: Dj Joyvan
Country: CUBA
Who he is: debuted as a Dj in 1997, thereby becoming the pioneer of rave culture in Cuba. He created soundtracks for several movies and performed in various international arenas. He has been part of all electronica music events that took place in Havana. Now, he continues with his own musical productions and build, with other new talents, the expansion and development of rave culture in Cuba.

Name: Arkitecto
Country: CUBA
Who he is: Cuban Dj.

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