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Los Cuatro

Cuba Baila Regueton

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Si se va a formar que se forme
Los Cuatro
Conmigo no, con Puerto Rico
Los Cuatro
Tú no te gobiernas
Los Cuatro
Los Cuatro

At the origins of the band Los Cuatros, we find Eddy-K, one of the major pioneers of the Cubaton genre. The fateful decision to split the band into two separate entities in 2008 was necessary when half of the group (Eduardo Mora and DJ Tony) chose not to come back to Cuba after their last US tour. Deciding to pursue their musical career together, the remaining two members, Damian and Jorgito, formed a new project: Los Cuatros.

Soon after a new singer, El Principe, joined, and they started to work on a series of new songs. Feeling the need to expand their line-up, they added the young pianist, Frank Palacios, to the mix. Although an unusual choice in the Regueton scene, that decision helped build the unique sound of the band.

“At first, Jorgito wasn’t really fond of the idea of having a piano in the band”, Frank recalls, “but Damian and I, we convinced him! People were used to seeing the Regueton as a music produced by a DJ, so we gave it a richer timbre”, he adds.

With this unexpected formula, the band quickly gained a growing following amongst the youth of the island. Hits such as Igualito, Señorita Intelectual or Motorola became instant classics. In 2009, the band was even able to set up a very successful tour across Europe.

The band gives an extra-effort when it comes to its lyrics, where the traditional language of the Island and its slang, of course, reflect the unique cultural background of its people. Musically, the band tries to act in the same way: “We’re trying to save the simple essence of the Cuban music, lost since the nineties, when music wasn’t so complicated”, Frank explains.

After numerous collaborations with Cubaton’s best artists, like El Micha, Bamboleo, Charanga Habanera, and Yulien Oviedo, among others, Los Cuatros, often called “Los Salvajes” by their fans, recently returned with a new solo hit Dicen Por Ahi.

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