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Gilles Peterson presents Havana Cultura

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Gilles Peterson Radio mix
Gilles Peterson presents Havana Cultura
Laurent Garnier Mix
Gilles Peterson presents Havana Cultura
Back in the days before YouTube and iTunes, our ancestors roamed the Earth in search of a music-sharing community, huddling together for warmth in underground clubs, listening to pirate radio stations. Gilles Peterson was their high priest, leading them out of the primeval darkness to “the perfect beat”. If you were one of those early hominids dancing to “acid jazz” in a London club in the late-1980s, you probably nodded your approval to Gilles Peterson in the DJ booth. If you spent the ’90s attending raves in Ibiza (or listening to them from a safe distance on BBC Radio 1), there was Gilles again — dishing up his soul-funk-hiphop-disco-jazz-electro-stew, prepared with choice ingredients from his own record collection which, like the universe, is understood to be constantly expanding.

Today you might call him a DJ, but you might also call Usain Bolt a jogger. Gilles Peterson is a world-renowned tastemaker who has helped launch careers (Jamiroquai, Erykah Badu) and who entertains millions. Entertains may be the best word for what he does, because while he still plays the role of musical priest, he never gets preachy; that’s one reason why radio listeners and clubgoers have never tired of hearing him. And he champions the cause of good music wherever it may be found, with his own record label (Brownswood Recordings), and a syndicated radio show called, appropriately, Gilles Peterson Worldwide. Not to mention his blogs, podcasts, tweets and every other means he can use to spread the gospel.

His never-ending quest for the perfect beat led him recently to Havana — or rather, Havana Cultura led him to Havana. It was an experiment. We wanted to witness the effect new Cuban sounds would have on Gilles Peterson and vice-versa. Not surprisingly he wound up “discovering so many great up-andcoming musicians who can have a big effect on world music over the many years to come.” The obvious next step was to gather those musicians in Havana’s EGREM studio — yes, where the Buena Vista Social Club album happened — and make a record. Gilles saw it as a “great opportunity to do something that was really a musical melange — something new, something fresh, something not just Buena Vista Social Club…. Bringing together the street, the urban and the more traditional.”
The resulting Havana Cultura CD is actually two CDs. The first disc contains the 12 original tracks Gilles recorded with his hand-picked “Havana Cultura Band,” led by pianist Roberto Fonseca. The CD features some outstanding guest appearances from Mayra Caridad Valdés, Ogguere, Danay, Francis Del Rio and Obsesión.

The second disc is a compilation of 16 previously released and unreleased tracks, drawing from more top Cuban talent: Los Aldéanos, Telmary, Yusa, Kelvis Ochoa, Doble Filo, Descemer Bueno, Gente de Zona, Harold Lopez Nussa, Kumar, Free Hole Negro, Cubanito 20.02, Wichy de Vedado and Tony Rodriguez. The CD packaging was designed by Alexandre Arrechea, one of Cuba’s brightest art stars.

“In a way this is just the beginning for me,” Gilles says. “This is a new starting point for new Cuban music. I think this is something we need to take around the world.”
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Download Laurent Garnier mix
Gilles Peterson minimix Podcast
Download the track "Ipacuba"
Gilles is my hero! And Cuba is his new kingdom :)
Lookinf forward to the compilation and the Dingwalls reunion.
wahoouuu !!!!
Love this! Full of warm, soulful vibes!
Planet Timba
What a wonderfull compilation of cuban artists i'm listening now Gente de Zona!!!! tribute to benny more the great cuban singer of all the times Good job Gilles !! saludos franz Denmark
A far cry from the English yobs that come travel have no respect for the local culture. Congradulations Giles.
yeah, gilles... you did it again!!! cheers and thanks for your work. from buenos aires, julius.
Gilles! Just bought the album having heard the Roforofo Fight cover. I'll be featuring it on my radio show next Friday at 6pm. What a great physical and musical journey for you and congratulations on your production debut! Nick (Emancipation)
GP brings many finest new sound ever in the world. BRAAAVOOO GILLES!!!
hi giles thanks for a fantastic album and for flying the flag for the more cultural british traveller ! i hope riddett doesn't think we are all yobs !
Hi Gilles. Keeping the world music flag high i suppose! Great job man. I'm young and fortunate to be working as a jazz DJ/Host on national Danish Radio. You're a big inspiration. Much love from Denmark
Wonderfull compilation, just let me say WOW ... ciao from Italy
Miraculous. Thank you for this pure treasure. You are my hero, Gilles.
great website. can't wait to get the album. thank you. x
Havana Cultura Podcast remix is totally intelligent.
Excellent insight into the rich musical culture of this wonderful island nation and its people.
Just wanted to thank you for helping these amazing Cuban musicians the chance to realize their dreams! I just got a CD by Danay Suarez who I think is amazing and I feel previleged to listen to these wonderful artists. Thank you! abrazos
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