Génesis, Anabel Zenea

Anabel Zenea's piece reflects on the 'genesis' by contrasting individuality to the multiple influences that shape the formation of personal identity. This is how she resumed her project: 

"The project is based on the use of blood donated by those people who have influenced the formation of my being up until now.

This element [blood] will be contained in tiny holes carved in a life-size, full-body self-sculpture covered with a transparent and colorless resin in such a way that the inside is void.

The sculpture, naked as if in a body that is presented for an anatomical study session, will be placed inside a sort of vertical fish tank filled with water, in such a way that the resin is camouflaged due to its transparence and it appears as if the tridimensional body was shaped by the blood dots.  This will accentuate the sculpture’s flotation posture.

As a sort container of the universal liquid matrix, water, this fish tank supports the idea of creation through an appearance that to a certain degree makes us think of laboratory equipment.  At the base of the tank is a light that is deflected by a mirror fit at the top so that the inside is fully illuminated.

Human beings are born and live in a world of ties forged by the deployment of emotional experience. It can’t be denied that each of us has a singular character that makes us into unique and unrepeatable entities. Nonetheless, we can’t look over the fact that we build ourselves through interaction with the “Other” in order to answer the question of who we really are, thus discarding the idea of a pure self.  

Génesis is a project that dialogues from an anthropological perspective, contrasting the individual ideal with the collective. The piece is built on the experience of the sacrifice undergone by those people who have had an influence in the formation of my being from a subjective point of view, whether it is from an ethical, educational, or creative point of view. The sacrifice is carried out through the act of donating a bit of their blood so that a procedure with cosmogonist  undertones will result in my image. Like molecules, the blood dots that converge in the shaping of my figure connect symbolically and indirectly those individuals that summarize the story of my life.

The use of a self-portrait in this piece does not necessarily imply that I’m working with self-referential concepts. It is mere example that summarizes the fact that we are not original beings in the way that is implied by the word, but rather the result of a legacy built through interpersonal relationships that we develop through time. To make it short, Génesis bases the objectivity of the human being on the subjectivity of experience."

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