Take a look at the breadth of Cuban art showing at this year’s Havana Biennial. Or just consider this city’s musical effervescence — jazz, son, salsa, rumba, all the way up to reggaeton, hip-hop, and timba. Havana Cultura exists to chronicle the various kinds of creativity flowing out of Havana. It’s an international effort, originating in Havana and made possible with support from the rum maker Havana Club International S.A. We look forward to hearing your comments.


Keep tabs on contemporary Cuban artists and on those who appear on the Havana Cultura website. This is where you’ll find the latest info about their concert tours, gallery exhibitions, CD releases and book launches, in Cuba and around the world.
Gilles Peterson project

Since 2009 Havana Club has been collaborating with world-renowned DJ & tastemaker Gilles Peterson to bring the best of Havana’s musical talent to an international audience through album production, live performances and much more.

Each month we present in-depth multimedia portraits of Havana’s best emerging artists. Musicians, performers, visual artists, designers, architects, writers, moviemakers – if they’re creating something interesting in the Cuban capital, you’ll find them here in Havana Cultura.
My Havana

"What’s your favourite corner of Havana?" "What part of the city holds the happiest memories for you?" “Which place inspires you the most?” These are questions we asked the various artists presented in Havana Cultura. Hear what they had to say…