Havana Cultura - Gilles Peterson presents Havana Cultura : Ipacuba (Francis Del Rio) Havana Cultura - Gilles Peterson presents Havana Cultura : La Revolución del Cuerpo (Ogguerre)
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CD 1 - La revolución del cuerpo - part 1

Featuring Ogguere, Danay & Obsesión

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La revolución del cuerpo (part 1)
featuring Ogguere, Danay & Obsesión
“Wow! This is the track I am most excited by somehow. On my first visit to Cuba I heard Ogguere’s album version which I loved” [hear the original version on CD2] “and I wanted to explore the song using Roberto Fonseca’s brilliant band and happened to record on a day that there was a rumba session in the EGREM bar next door. The idea came to me to turn it into an authentic rumba, but using the country’s finest rappers on an American style hip-hop jam. So I invited two of the rumbero’s to join us in the studio and create a completely unique take on this classic. As with most tracks on this album, Roberto would do a piano version at the end of the session as the lights were going down. And the version he did of this [on part 2] is quite breathtaking.”
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